Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Tuesday Evening

I've spent a good part of today trying to post pictures of my first pair of knitted socks. I'm still having trouble with those photos, so I'm going to show you my first pair of mittens.
These pictures come with a bonus - Pierre!

Pierre is my sister's dog. He very kindly posed with the mittens. We think he really wants a beret (or is just very tolerant of his humans.)
Can you see how frightened I became of running out of yarn on the left mitten (pictured on the right)? I believe I fell out of gauge! My kitchener on the top of that one is very angular, and I redid it twice. Finally decided to just leave it. Any input would be appreciated. I am very proud of the thumbs, I had a very difficult time figuring out what the pattern was trying to tell me to do. Ann Budd's Book of Patterns saved me. Strongly recommend the book.

Wish me well with the sock photos.

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gypsyknits said...

Your mittens are beautiful. You did a great job! Be proud! On the dpn holder? I didn't see the need for caps. It is quite snug.