Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Triplet Knitting

No, this is not a variation on the double knitting that Kory Stamper describes in her article for Knitty. Ms. Stamper details how to knit two socks at once, on one set of doublepoints! I'd read articles about sock knitters doing this during WWI. She does a wonderful job of explaining the technique. (But I digress.....)
This is an opportunity for anyone that wants to help with their needles. A virtual baby shower is being held for the Dutchican triplets (not their real name, although a very clever one), who are expected to arrive this winter. Yes, three babies to keep warm! If you would like to help their family keep these darling boys in handknits, go on over to Red Dog Triplets aka the Dutchicans. Like any baby shower there will be prizes. Some gorgeous skeins of yarn, including from one of my favorites: Gypsyknits! Come join the party, we will have lots of fun.

I don't have any photos of finished objects to post today, but I have it on good authority (myself!) that I will soon. Just one more lecture tomorrow morning...then freedom to knit freely.

The weather here has been up and down, lots of rain, temps ranging anywhere from the low 40's to the upper 70's.....can't figure out what to put on in the morning and I always feel so silly dragging my winter coat home in the late afternoon. However, my birkenstock sandals will remain in use until the snow gets deep enough to chill my toes. Then the birkenstock clogs are put into use.

I hope everyone is enjoying this autumn. It is my favorite season.

Monday, September 25, 2006

more unfinished projects and the handcrafters who supply me

I want to get all of my partially completed items out in the open. I keep thinking it will force me to finish them. I have to stop starting new things. I am getting more and more convinced I have a form of Knitter's ADD.

These socks are very special. They have had their picture taken with The Yarn Harlot. Stephanie Pearl-McPhee looks lovely in the photo as does her sock. I am not so pleasing. I will save you the horror. (If you are very curious as to what I look like, you can see me on the Yarn Harlot's blog, her visit to Ann Arbor, I am the whole person on the very left of her picture of the audience.) My neice, S, and I went to see her in August. (S's thigh is all that made it in the photo.) I will tell you more about that day another time. Except to say that we thoroughly enjoyed her and all the other knitters. Don't you think Stephanie is the Erma Bombeck of knitters?
Back to the socks, the yarn is lucious and comforting. It is some of GypsyKnit's hand-dyed cotton/lycra blend in the River Rock colors. I am just doing a simple stocking stitch cuff down pattern with round heel and flap. The yarn is very easy to work with (no splitting) and the colors gently flow from one into the other.

This is the Forest Canopy Shawl by Susan Lawrence. Her instructions are very clear and I seem to be moving along. The yarn is from Fearless Fibers, Superwash Merino Wool, colorway is Shades of Teal. Another joy to work with yarn, soft and scrumptious. I've not had any splitting. I am using my Addi Natura needles. The lifeline was placed after 3 repeats of the body pattern. I am enjoying this pattern and the yarn.

These socks are a gift for a friend, there is already one done. Those are Comfort Zone Needles. They are very flexible. The colors will prevent me from losing them and make it easier to keep track of my stitches. The SockBag is from a swap with trek. It is just the sweetest thing. Helps put a feminine touch when I am knitting the masculine socks. The bag is very well made. I have another item from the swap, but it is a gift, so I'm keeping it hidden. I am very happy with the swap. trek and I both have a thing for the BYM needles. I will show you my Bloodwood dpns when I cast on another pair of socks.

This is the project I have been keeping by my desk at work. This is a faroese shawl "Stora Dimun Shawl" from Folk Shawls. I am using Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool. It is soft and rustic all at once. Perfect for the pattern. Using Inox gray circulars. I will have to bring this home soon, as the bottom edge is almost done and I will need to be able to focus closely on the pattern for the lace border.

I'm looking for a project meter that I can use. I hope it will help encourage me to keep on with the items that are currently on needles. I have to get some done, so I can complete additional projects I am committed to do.
One more week of lectures, an exam to write and I'll only have one full time job, so there will be more time to knit.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Call me, Iron Anne Kidd

That's my pirate name. I be likin it.

Of course, I don't have arrghyle to show for it. I be working on that for the future.

I've been busy working on my lectures, so the knitting has had to take a bit of a background. I'm still collecting all of the unfinished objects for photos. I should be able to post more on Thursday. Until then, I have a few new buttons on my page. (I can't figure out how to link them to their respective sites, Please, can anyone help me?) So I have put the links for the Charity buttons here:

Socks for Soldiers: knit a pair of socks for those in the military that need them.

The Red Scarf Project: Knit a red scarf for those that have outgrown the foster care system, cause everyone needs to know that someone cares. Theresa has written a great message regarding this project. Check out her Septmeber 14th post on her blog here.

Ryan has announced The Dulaan Project 2007. Her descriptions of the need, make it difficult to not participate.

In the non-charity category:
Socktoberfest 2006 is a personal need for me. I'm planning on using its enthusiastic sommunity to help me get some of the socks here off the needles.
Julie is willing to spin some yarn for you. She just needs to get a wheel first. I think she is offering a bargain for 50 gms. of handspun. Check it out here.

I've got to get back to PowerPoint.......arrrrgh.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Some things in progress

I have too many things on needles and swirling around in my mind. Perhaps if I begin to actually show you all of it, I will be shamed into completing things before I start anymore. (True panic started to set in when I saw a sign today stating only 108 days until Christmas! Can that be right?)

So in no particular order:

The Adamas shawl. I have begun it, again. Lorette has given me some very good suggestions, including using a light colored towel on my lap while I work. I have also added some more lighting to my favorite knitting spot. She has really encouraged me to keep with the Redwood Forest. Thank you, I do so want to succeed with this. Here it is, in it's infancy:

Socks. This is the first in a pair. It is my first successful toe up. (I did one several months ago that required complete frogging.) I used a turkish cast on for the toe, starting on two circulars. I switched to dpns after I was beyond the toe, because I needed the circs for another pair of socks. I also find the dpns a bit faster and easier to transport in my purse. I haven't a knitting bag for my projects other than Ziploc freezer bags or the gift bags that Sephora sends. The Sephora bags are good for the projects because the needles don't go through the reinforced fabric, though the black makes it difficult to find things within. The sock pattern is Denise Powell's using the reverse Dutch heel. Yarn is Regia cotton, very easy to work with. These socks will be for me, I have a huge wide foot (10 1/2 EEE), so it is taking awhile to finish. I think these colors will look good with my clogs at work. Very cheerful in the winter.

Another pair of socks: These are for a good friend who admired this yarn while we were shopping. It has more purple than is showing in the photograph. They are being done two at a time on circs. (The article in Knitty about two at a time on dpns has me very intriqued.) I keep this pair by the computer, so when I have to wait for downloads and/or printing I have something to do. I'm almost ready to turn the heels.

Those are some of the UFOs I have in my baskets. I will post more later. Now, I have to show a finished object (or my morale will sink to the floor). I found Criminy Jicket's Garterlac dishcloth pattern last week and went to town. His pattern and pictures made this very easy to do. I find the geometry of this knitting soothing. Here is my first of this pattern. Lion Brand Kitchen Cotton, color is grape. Needles used were size 7. I finished this in a single evening. Nothing like a little instant gratification to boost my mood.

I'm sending this to my neice, M., for purple is her favorite color.

For those that may not have read Vonnie's blog the last few days, there is a request for yarn to be used in a local middle school's knitting class. Sounds like a wonderful use for those yarns we won't use, that are just cluttering up the stash. All the necessary information can be found here.