Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Projects and fun

I've been working long hours lately which has not been conducive to blogging. I am on vacation this week (good thing, I was close to losing it)! Where have I gone? Not to Rhinebeck...I do hope to go next year. But I have gone somewhere very special. Kalamazoo! I am visiting two of my favorite nieces. We spent some time yesterday looking for the important places for an Aunt to take two poor college students, Sam's Club and Meijer's. Along the way, we found this:
Their father (my brother) is a Farmall fan. Had to get a pic for him. We had a very enjoyable dinner at Pasta Pasta last night. Wonderful Italian food with great service. Each of us ordered something different, along with appetizers, and shared. Everything was delicious and we had plenty for boxes to take home.
The nieces and I will wander over to the Chocolate Garden for some taste testing one afternoon. Perfect way to spend a fall day. If I can't be knitting.
So what have I been knitting? I have been having my butt kicked by some Big Black Socks. I have had to frog this one sock 3 times. I've dropped stitches I couldn't recover, I've messed up the ribbing and not discovered it until I was an inch further away. I have added another 1.5 inches since this picture. And what did I do to the sock today? I pulled one of the needles out. Confused it with my working needle. Thankfully, I was able to put it back with every stitch intact! I'm very frustrated, but determined to knit these. I didn't make the October deadline for the Socks for Soldiers. Plan to have these done for the January shipment. (Dare I hope also a second pair?) The group is still collecting funds, toiletry items, and socks, so please consider helping them.

Pattern: BBS on Socks for Soldiers website
Yarn: KnitPick's Essential
Needles: KnitPick's Options dpn size 1

Here are a few of the items I have knit for the Dutchican Triplets. Something different for each of the boys.

Here is something on the Christmas list. (Shhhh.) I have placed a feather and fan pattern with some ribbing on the instep. It is my first sock(s) done without a formal pattern. I've graphed out how I will handle the cuff, just have to work out the heel transition. Since these are intended to be 'bed/house socks', I am considering a short row heel because they won't have the wear and tear of a shoe. I am very pleased with how they are going.
Soon as I charge my camera batteries I will have some more 'in progress' and hopefully some more vacation photos.

Stay warm and dry everyone.

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kathy said...

The chocolate garden sounds wonderful. Your nieces are so lucky to have you as an aunt. Black socks you say? yeah I have a horrid pair of those on the needles too. Aren't they awful? Beautiful but terrible to see to knit. Your feather and fan socks are absolutely gorgeous. I love feather and fan. Oh so pretty. Keep Knitting!