Sunday, May 06, 2007

I am spoiled.

My Secret Pal is spoiling me and my dog. I came home to a very heavy box the other day. A big box. A box big enough to hold all of this:

(How can you not smile at that happy frog?)

So this is all that is in the box:

Wait… there is a card. An adorable card. I saw it and said ‘Awwww.’ Bet you will too.

Unwrapping all of these goodies has been great fun for me. Christmas in May.

So besides the excellent magazines (English Garden- I love English gardens! And the latest Knit ‘n Style!) Alyssum seeds (such a sweet smell from a garden bed) and dark chocolate with peppermint. And my Frog drink cooler. :-) What is in those packages?

Much wonderfulness…..

There are two adorable planters, lavender and tomatoes. Beautiful floral gardening gloves, copper plant markers, passion fruit soap with a natural sea sponge (luscious scent), Pepperoni Popcorn for Mona! Yummy chocolate truffles for me! And Animal Crackers! (We just had a discussion at work this week about animal and graham crackers and how none of us have them anymore, and how we wanted some with some cold milk for dunking. We were on the verge of making a grocery list! Wait until I bring these in with my lunch on Monday!) My own Green! Frog drink cooler. :-) And some gorgeous Trekking sock yarn. The color isn’t true on my monitor. It is really a deep forest greens. Luxurious. This skein will be for me. Thank you Secret Pal. (Mona says Thank you, too!)

And a special Thank You for the special sweetie who picked the Green Frog!


gypsyknits said...

WOW! What a nice present. Wonderful stuff. Wait till you get the next package in the mail. Woo-Hoo!

Dana said...

wow! I need to get me a secret pal! good for you!