Wednesday, August 30, 2006

tink, tink, tink, oh rip it!

The shawl was coming along very nicely, until I noticed I missed a yarn over. I tinked back a whole row, part of another and then stitches started dropping, the lifeline was tangled in somehow (not helping at all!) and there was this ugly mess. So I frogged it, re-cast on, and have just started the upper block. Again. I'm wondering if I should be doing this with a lighter colored yarn. Would it be easier for me to see my mistakes before I get so far along? I love the color of Redwood Forest. Can't decide.
Any suggestions?

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Lorette said...

Stick with the yarn color you love. What are you using for a lifeline? I use unwaxed dental floss, which is smooth enough that it doesn't catch on stuff. Get yourself a good light, and you might try putting a light colored towel on your lap to provide contrast. My only other advice is stitch markers, and lots of them. I use plain silver jewelry jump rings, the ones without an opening so they don't catch on the yarn, and I use them between EVERY pattern repeat along the row. It's very easy that way to tell if you have messed up before you get too far.