Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Some things in progress

I have too many things on needles and swirling around in my mind. Perhaps if I begin to actually show you all of it, I will be shamed into completing things before I start anymore. (True panic started to set in when I saw a sign today stating only 108 days until Christmas! Can that be right?)

So in no particular order:

The Adamas shawl. I have begun it, again. Lorette has given me some very good suggestions, including using a light colored towel on my lap while I work. I have also added some more lighting to my favorite knitting spot. She has really encouraged me to keep with the Redwood Forest. Thank you, I do so want to succeed with this. Here it is, in it's infancy:

Socks. This is the first in a pair. It is my first successful toe up. (I did one several months ago that required complete frogging.) I used a turkish cast on for the toe, starting on two circulars. I switched to dpns after I was beyond the toe, because I needed the circs for another pair of socks. I also find the dpns a bit faster and easier to transport in my purse. I haven't a knitting bag for my projects other than Ziploc freezer bags or the gift bags that Sephora sends. The Sephora bags are good for the projects because the needles don't go through the reinforced fabric, though the black makes it difficult to find things within. The sock pattern is Denise Powell's using the reverse Dutch heel. Yarn is Regia cotton, very easy to work with. These socks will be for me, I have a huge wide foot (10 1/2 EEE), so it is taking awhile to finish. I think these colors will look good with my clogs at work. Very cheerful in the winter.

Another pair of socks: These are for a good friend who admired this yarn while we were shopping. It has more purple than is showing in the photograph. They are being done two at a time on circs. (The article in Knitty about two at a time on dpns has me very intriqued.) I keep this pair by the computer, so when I have to wait for downloads and/or printing I have something to do. I'm almost ready to turn the heels.

Those are some of the UFOs I have in my baskets. I will post more later. Now, I have to show a finished object (or my morale will sink to the floor). I found Criminy Jicket's Garterlac dishcloth pattern last week and went to town. His pattern and pictures made this very easy to do. I find the geometry of this knitting soothing. Here is my first of this pattern. Lion Brand Kitchen Cotton, color is grape. Needles used were size 7. I finished this in a single evening. Nothing like a little instant gratification to boost my mood.

I'm sending this to my neice, M., for purple is her favorite color.

For those that may not have read Vonnie's blog the last few days, there is a request for yarn to be used in a local middle school's knitting class. Sounds like a wonderful use for those yarns we won't use, that are just cluttering up the stash. All the necessary information can be found here.


Dave said...

The dishcloth is beautiful -- good on ya!

(Love the socks too!)

Debra said...

I love the socks!! (hello from blogher). I knit socks on circulars using the Magic Loop method and much prefer it. DPNs I accidently pull out.

Lavendersheep said...

Thanks for the shout out for our cause! We are getting so much yarn it is unbelievable. It's fun to see what people send.