Thursday, March 22, 2007

Intermission (from FOs)

This came in the mail today. I can not get the colors correct on this pic to the left. The card is a gorgeous lacquer red. Inside was this beautiful wee sock!
Sean knit this using KnitPicks Dancing. It is so sweet and handsome. It looks like he knit it on 000s and toe is perfect. (I couldn't keep mine from puckering.) I think it may be kitchnered! (Forgive me, if that is not a word.)

I have taken some pics of the sock from each side and then also on my wee sock blocker.

So first a left view.

Now one from the right side:

I love how the stripes continue across and yet how different the color segments are in such a tiny piece of needlework.

And then an attempt to show the wee stitches on the toe with the sock blocker in place. Can't help but admire the workmanship and artistry.

Thank you, Sean. I treasure this sock.

ETA.: Forgive my poor housekeeping which allows the inclusion of dog hair on my bed linens, particularly my comforter that is my current backdrop for my photos.

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Sean said...

Jan, I am so glad you love it and thank you SO MUCH for your kind words!!!! I still have heel issues so I really wasn't thrilled with my wee holes even with the no-hole tricks, but in your pictures, I guess it really came out ok! I actually used 0s and magic loop, but I did it as a toe-up sock following the knitty universal sock pattern with the same number of stitches it originally called for.

I'm so glad you like it and your flattery really made my week!!! :)