Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Triplet Knitting

No, this is not a variation on the double knitting that Kory Stamper describes in her article for Knitty. Ms. Stamper details how to knit two socks at once, on one set of doublepoints! I'd read articles about sock knitters doing this during WWI. She does a wonderful job of explaining the technique. (But I digress.....)
This is an opportunity for anyone that wants to help with their needles. A virtual baby shower is being held for the Dutchican triplets (not their real name, although a very clever one), who are expected to arrive this winter. Yes, three babies to keep warm! If you would like to help their family keep these darling boys in handknits, go on over to Red Dog Triplets aka the Dutchicans. Like any baby shower there will be prizes. Some gorgeous skeins of yarn, including from one of my favorites: Gypsyknits! Come join the party, we will have lots of fun.

I don't have any photos of finished objects to post today, but I have it on good authority (myself!) that I will soon. Just one more lecture tomorrow morning...then freedom to knit freely.

The weather here has been up and down, lots of rain, temps ranging anywhere from the low 40's to the upper 70's.....can't figure out what to put on in the morning and I always feel so silly dragging my winter coat home in the late afternoon. However, my birkenstock sandals will remain in use until the snow gets deep enough to chill my toes. Then the birkenstock clogs are put into use.

I hope everyone is enjoying this autumn. It is my favorite season.


kathy said...

First of all, I had no idea that two at once sock knitting went on during WW2. Interesting. Also I will be checking out the red scarf project and the triplets. most favorite time of the year besides winter. Keep Knitting!

gypsyknits said...

Thank you for the comment on the bag handles. I was thinking bamboo/self yarn handles. It's nice to have input. I'm also thinking Meredith will go back to Derek. Hospital drama (smile)